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Dress for the Job!

With the entrance requirements for highly regarded companies growing, every aspect of your application will be scrutinized - including how you present yourself at your job interview. For a few suggestions on the matter, read below.


  • Men
    • The best idea for men's shoes is to stick with a classic business shoe, polished the morning of your interview. Formal wingtips aren't necessary; however, socks are. This isn't the place for ankle-sock fashion.
  • Women
    • Something with a solid heel can send a strong and powerful message. Choose colors which complement your outfit but don't draw attention. Of course, be sure you can walk confidently in them.


  • Men
    • A clean and crisp print in a straight cut. If you feel like you want to include a touch of modern fashion, a bootleg cut pant can also work. The key point for the pants is that they are fitted and crisp.
  • Women
    • If you are in the mood for pants, fitted at the waist falling to a flowing straight leg is a great look which shows power and personality. If you decide to flare it up with some patterns, be sure to keep the colors muted and patterns clean.

For the Top

  • Men
    • A man can never go wrong with a classic white full-sleeved shirt and a solid color tie. Never. If white isn't your color, olive or yellow are great neutral colors which are also in fashion. Don't be tempted to roll up your sleeves - unrolled and cuffed is the best choice.
  • Women
    • Similar to the advice given to men, if you're wearing smart pants then you can't go wrong with a fresh, crisp blouse or wide collared business shirt. Try to keep patterns at bay until your first day on the job. The Groupon Coupons page for Talbots is a good place to start if you need something new.


As little as possible. That's the best rule to remember when accessorizing for a job interview. Earring should be minimal, clean, and not too extravagant that they catch the eye. Similarly, wear as few rings as possible.

If you have one, always wear a watch. Just as long as it's not the one you wore through college. Opt for a modern timepiece or don't wear a watch - that's the easiest way to think about watches.


How you look can say a lot about you; whether you want it to or not.

For Men, be sure to give your face a thorough wash the morning before and use a light non-shiny moisturizer.

If you are a woman who enjoys wearing makeup, your interview is not the place to parade your latest designs. Stick with something you would see on a bride, just using less professional products so as not to be thick.

These are great tips to help you dress for a great interview. The next time you need to prepare, take them into account and put your best image forward!

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