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5 Inspirational Quotes From Fashion Mavens

It’s easy to assume that those who work in fashion (or partake of it) are nothing more than superficial, bubble-headed ditzes. But keep in mind that fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry. The designs that flounce down runways today are months in the making, and they set the tone of style for tomorrow. In truth, fashion is less about what you have in your closet than how you put it... [Continue Reading]

Korea makes its mark on the World's Fashion Industry

In the past, it is probably fair to say that eyes were not cast to Asia to find the latest fashion trends and the next big thing. Although always having its own unique style, Korean Street Fashion has always found that attracting attention from outside of Asia is difficult, but now that scenario is changing. In recent times there has been a major shift in the fashion industry, so much so that... [Continue Reading]